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Post-secondary planning 

Develop plans for a post-secondary future including higher education, the trades and professional careers. Includes instructional and hands-on workshops that cover goal setting, decision making, tuition assistance, and career exploration.

Mental health coaching

Provide pathways to healing by processing historical and current events through a therapeutic lens. Utilizes group discussions to help analyze emotions, challenge negative thinking patterns, improve relationship skills, and reduce stress and anxiety. 

Life skills 

Expand horizons to become rooted in disciplines that promote success in the 21st century economy. Offering workshops and lectures to help develop a useful toolbox of supports and skills.

Parenting program

Examine different parenting styles to understand and positively impact family dynamics. Includes a combination of hands-on activities and guided discussions to develop parent and role model skills. 

Middle school program
The Charles Ogletree Jr. Academy 

Explore topics of race, justice, equity, personal excellence, and self knowledge to help black boys develop resiliency and become strong global citizens who can effectively manage peer pressure, resolve conflicts and create positive solutions. Offering project-based learning and discussion groups to help black boys flourish emotionally and reach their personal and educational goals.

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